IDE-Ninja Shortcuts with VS2008 and CodeRush Express

Just some nifty IDE tricks that I picked up from the PDC talk by Dustin Campbell at PDC2008
First off

Go to Definition is F12, Find all references is Shift+F12. Nothing new here.. but lets say you did F12 multiple times and lost your way in the jungle of code. Don’t fear.. Shift+Ctrl+8 backtracks through each step you took to take you back to the starting point. Shift+Ctrl+7 cycles forward again in case you want to get lost again :)
Useful : Sometimes

Lets say you have multiple files open in your IDE. Now you know you want to switch to an open file.. To do so like an IDE Ninja.. Press Ctrl+Alt+Down key-combo will bring to up the following popup

You can now start typing if you know the initial characters of the file name and press Enter to switch.
Useful : Quite

Next up, have you been trying to zoom in on those tiny squiggles, right click and choose a refactoring or some other action.

That tiny thing is called a Smart Tag and now you can activate it by doing the Ctrl+. (dot) combo to invoke the context menu when the cursor is under the word. You don't need to leave the keyboard to apply a refactoring or implement an interface ever again.
Useful : Very

CODERUSH : For the next set of moves, you need to install CodeRush Express which DevExpress + Microsoft have graciously partnered to give away to VS2008 users for free. 34 Meg download. Express Edition users.. tough luck!

Jump to File: Once you have CodeRush installed and a solution open. Use the uber Ctrl+Alt+F combo to bring up the following popup

Type in the filename, use arrow keys to select, press Enter and Voila! Insta-Teleport. And yes it does substring matches too.. you can type in part of the filename like 'Coffee'. Sweet!
Useful : Very

Can I do the same for jumping to methods? I remember I wrote a test for warmer plate status.. what was it called? Shift+Ctrl+Q for

I type in some characters and the results narrow down. Ah! there it is. Enter and teleport again. This shortcut is to Jump to Symbol.. so it works for member variables, properties, etc too.
Useful : Sometimes

Finally we have Put some GPS trackers on this variable. Ctrl+Alt+U

This will highlight all places where the symbol is used, you can then use tab to navigate between each reference. Esc to make these trackers disappear.
Useful : Rarely.. when you're in machete mode in someone else's code.

That's all folks!

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