Agile gone wild (due apologies to Skid Row)

Been watching from the sidelines as to how Agile evolves into mainstream software development...
Its funny how everything is changing (w.r.t the latest fad) and simultaneously how the factors behind the success of the initial methodology starting teams stay the same.. good people with skill & discipline, who communicate and relish-and-respond to feedback combined with an environment that supports their cause.

Collecting a set of links that chronicles the current state of "Agile" - whatever little of the original intent is left of it post the rampant SemanticDiffusion
  1. *** James Shore - The decline and fall of Agile
  2. ** Martin Fowler - Flaccid Scrums
  3. *** Ron Jeffries - Context my Foot!
  4. *** Ron Jeffries - Discovering Essential Technical Practices

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