The way of the unusual architect - Dan North

An enlightening talk on 'how the human mind works and its corollaries on how programmers work' from the wise Dan North - founder-leader of the BDD camp..

...and so you go from something that was fit for purpose but a little bit ugly to something that never quite delivers. Who here has been involved in what I call a 2-year rewrite anti-pattern ? So we go to the business and we say

Ok.We will rewrite out entire system for some period of 2 years and then everything will be good.
'Wait hang on. What will we get after 2 years?'
Exactly what you've got now.
'Right... and during that 2 years..'
Oh we're locked down! We can't do anything else for you.
'Ok. So you're telling us that we should pay you for 2 years to go no further than we are now and you won't be able to do anything else'.
No.. that's pretty much it.

and we call that enterprise architecture.

He had me there 3 mins into the talk. Recommended

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