Essential .NET (Don Box + Chris Sells)

A bit terse but a treasure trove of .NET internal knowledge nonetheless. I finished the book last weekend. (Okay I cheated in the last 2 chapters). Security just went over my head and my intense passion for building heterogenous (COM, unmanaged and managed ) social (every module goes across the boundaries where the dragons be) systems (and pulling my hair out) led me to surf right over the last Interop chapter.The other chapters were quite enjoyable and I would recommend it to almost anyone, who is commited enough to unboxing the occasionally cryptic text. Also sometimes (read in the last 2 chapters), I felt that they were running out of pages and tried to stuff in as much as they could.
Assembly resolution, Interception and the CLR type system were real eye-openers. The figures in the book really help the prose.
All in all a great book.

What next?? I got another "Essential" book ( I love pain !) - Essential XML I'm gonna frag you too !!

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