Machine Name : BABYBOX

Here it is the new one in my stable. I present my new second machine. This was a near impulse buy. Plan to buy time of under a week. My old machine is sick so I thought that there is no use flogging a dead horse.
Constraints = Money. I had decided that 10K INR is the max I would go. I ended just breaching the limit by a few hundreds.
The new hardware list
  • AMD Sempron 2500+
  • ASUS K8S-MX mobo (got onboard sound, video and LAN)
  • 256 MB 400MHz RAM 1200 INR
  • Sony DVD ROM drive 1500 INR
  • Mini Cabinet 1550 INR

The things I reused list

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard+Mouse
  • DialUp Modem
  • Floppy Drive
  • a 10 Gig HDD

The motherboard supports 6.1 sound and 8 usb ports (fine print - need to buy additional module for going above normal 2 spk sound and 4 USB ports). I have it on my home lan and it is a dream to work on.

The AMD Sempron 2500+ CPU 1.4 GHz has a x64 logo - is this a 64 bit CPU ??? Performance wise it's quite okay. Prior to installing Norton and Win2K, everything was fast :)) I had heard that AMDs run hotter than Intel in the past but this thing blows cold air out like an AC. I do not know the reason for this ... good ventilation - air not getting time to heat up ? nothing heating up ?

The cabinet is quite small at the cost of limiting any expansion (can only fit in 1 CD, floppy and HDD). But then this is my second machine that I wouldn't be using for gaming. So doesn't matter. It's kinda cute.

The ASUS Mobo is sweet. A good board with everything nicely color coded to prevent goofups. Nice manuals. I had to flash my BIOS to get it to recognize my CPU (seems it's a new release). Went in with all fingers crossed but it turned out okay due to the ASUS EZ update utility. Norton 2005 is bundled.

My Wish to own an AMD comes true.


Under the hood of BABYBOX

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  1. WooHoo, my CPU is 64-bit !!!
    When I tried installing Suse 9.1, it put up a message box - cool computer but... Installing 32 bit software on 64bit machine.
    I then tried a freeware.. CPU-Z and it showed Amd Athlon 64 as the resident CPU.
    Thank you God !!!