Neat Tip: Shortcut Keys VS.NET IDE

Jot it down. As the PP book said, it's important to know atleast one IDE very well.

  • Sometime back a 'fellow coder' asked me for a keyboard shortcut for moving to the next build error in the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE. Turns out it's as simple as F8. Now instead of moving to the task window and precision clicking on the next item in the list, Just press function key 8 and you are teleported to where you wanna be.
  • Another useful is one that takes you back and forth your function browse history. Lets say you click View definition from caller to be transported to callee. Now Press 'Ctrl & -' to simple waltz back to caller. (the reverse is 'Ctrl & Shift & -' ). No more remembering which file you come from and where you want to go.
For all the brickbats thrown, MS never ceases to amaze with some things of pure simplicity.

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