Try F.E.A.R.

The next frontier in FPS. The ambience is great :))
As is the trend nowadays, the demo takes 1 Gig on my HDD and then gives me about 2 hours of gameplay before the Demo-n arrives and tells you to buy the whole game.
Impressed I am but upgrade your computer you must. (Yoda style)...
I have almost given up on PC Games.. I think each game now should now come with a GFX card with which the game works. Buying a console like a PS is a more enjoyable option.

Overcome F.E.A.R. you'll need to give it your best shot.


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  2. Gishu,
    Completly off topic comment but, I just got on to the blogging scene... Checkout Not much content as of now actually. BTW I need the Pickaxe book :)

  3. I'll put that on my to strafe list of blogs. Welcome to blogger's park.
    BTW my pickaxe is stuck, I'll lend it to you after I'm done digging ;)

  4. Guess who - Manu sucks :)

  5. Whoever you are..
    Man United just stopped the Chelsea train dead in its tracks, with half the defence on the injured list.
    And if you are one of those Arsenal supporters, we're still waiting for you to come up to speed...

    MUFC rulz!