Test Driving a GUI [WinForms application]

Nearly half a year to write this thing between my day-job and my inertia.
I just took a example project in C# with XML for the data and tried to TDD it on my own. I kept an account of all the decisions, mistakes and backtracks that I had to make along the way.

In the end I have
a 1000+ line code base with 170 odd automated tests and 98% coverage
200+ page manuscript that grew bit by bit
a much smarter me

You'll find TDD_GUI_DotNet-Gishu.zip at

One of the key take-aways for me, was never do a TOY example. Do something that's of some use as a product for you or atleast someone else. I kinda lost interest towards the end and rushed up the end.. I just wanted to switch to my next item on the list.

It's Ruby-time now !!!

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