ShowMeTheMoney-12 - Iteration#2 Planning

Based on what we’ve accomplished this iteration, the customer doesn’t feel keen for a demo. He’ll like to look at it after the expenses part is also functional.

Release Plan

  • We reduced the estimate for S#7 by 1 : Authentication story from 3 to 2.
  • We bumped the estimate for S#2 by 1: That story has 2 parts. Tagging expenses with a category and generating reports to know which categories drain the most money.

We have a velocity of 1, meaning we would require 13 more iterations at the current pace. However we will wait for one iteration or two to come with a more accurate velocity.

Iteration Planning
The customer tells us that the priorities haven’t change. Which means we need to do
Story#1 : As a user, I would like to track my daily expenses to know monthly outflows
Story#2 : As a user, I would like to know which expense categories drain the most money for a specified time range, so that I can stop :)

We have to clear up the pending tasks from last iteration – we can chuck out the Push-button-releases and CIS tasks.
S#1 is similar if not identical to S#6. We spent more time on the implementation task last time. So we’re upping that one to 3 ideal hours.

We have a total of 20 hrs to plan for in this iteration. With some slack, we should plan for 15 hours.
S#1 comes out to 7 hours.
S#2 is too big to fit - 12 hrs. However it is logically 2 parts. Add support to tag expense entries for category and Create a report for top N expense categories. The first part comes out to 8 hours.

If we can push the second part to the next iteration, we can do S#1 and the first part of S#2 this iteration. We get confirmation from the customer on the plan of action and he's okayed it.

We also update the release plan to split S#2 into two 1 pt parts.
However this comes out to 2 story points for this iteration. We recorded a velocity of 1 last iteration. So how do we explain it ?
Yes, the last time we spent nearly half the iteration before we got the dev. infrastructure working. That won't be the case this time. Definitely achievable.
The customer is satisfied.. (its real easy when they're both the same person :)

So let's begin iteration#2....

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