Tabbed console windows in Windows at your command... ala Linux's Konsole

Recently I was a bit annoyed with having to open multiple command shells or consoles to run different daemons/servers, which then just lay there and clutter up my task bar.

Enter Console on ( from: Marko Bozikovic ).

'Don't make my brain get up' installation
  1. I downloaded the latest beta from the project's download page -
  2. Extract to a folder.
  3. Double click on the Console.exe and we're up and running.
Some tweaks:
Console is quite customizable with keyboard shortcuts.. but then that is expected coz this is targeted for the shell users. Just some to get you started
  • Ctrl + T : New Tab (non-default. I set this to match my brain-associated keystroke for a new tab.)
  • Ctrl + W : Close current tab
  • Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 : Go to tab1, 2, 3, etc.
You can reassign any of the keyboard shortcuts via Main Menu > Settings... > Hotkeys.

'Pictures or it didnt happen' dept.

Here I have Console running with three tabs. Tab1 is running the Webrick server for my rails app. Tab2 just finished running my tests with rake. Tab3 is serving up the Fitnesse wiki pages.
And all this just takes one slot on my taskbar. No more manic alt-tabbing to find the right shell window...

Credits: While I was writing up the post on Aptana - the IDE for Rails, I came across another guy who had written up a similar post. And then I found a link on his blog... Credit where credit is due.

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