Google spreadsheets + the new Form = Instant Online Poll

Basically what you do with this:
1. Create a form ( a web page ) soliciting information from anyone out there.
2. All the data submitted via the form is stashed away on your online google spreadsheet (that you no longer HAVE to share - no risk of anyone messing up your spreadsheet design / formulas)
3. Next use your imagination to mine the data for information you want. e.g. I used the form method of collecting data + some excel formulas to count Yes/No votes + Google charts to publish the results of the poll. Google even goes as far as giving you an HTML Snippet that you can embed in your web-page...

You can choose to refresh the published results with every change to the underlying spreadsheet with a checkbox on the Publish tab.

The form design has most of the basic stuff covered. Lots of potential for this feature...
All in all... sweet stuff again from the guys at Google Docs. Double Thumbs up !

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