GNU/Linux on a CD

I got a book called the Linux bible - what prompted me to get the book was the CD+DVD included inside, with a lot of distros.

I heard some good things about Knoppix - a distro on the DVD.
So I popped the DVD into a laptop, boot from the CD and voila !!
I have Knoppix - GNU/Linux running without touching my HDD ! No partitioning, no taking backups, nothing doing :) You can't get better than this.
What was even more surprising was that it detected almost everything without pestering me. I listened to an mp3 file on Linux for the first time ever and it sounded cool. Played a bit.. everything seemed ok.
I then reboot the machine. The OS politely ejects the CD and asks me to remove the disk and press Enter. I remove the disk and we have XP again.

I guess I'm gonna run it this way till I speak Penguin. The next distro in my scope is Debian "Sarge".. but that's later
That's my new thing for the week.. Ciao

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