Smotchkkiss blinded by Ruby Sparkle

I tired of making WinForms in .NET (how ironic that they named it .NET, is it bcoz u just need to type in . for intellisense and choose whatever appeals to you at that moment. Your only choice in life is the next method (I choose Door No. 3 - oh crap! My Forms don't paint anymore or I need to read 20pgs to find out all the intricacies of dispose/finalize. Help ! Help ! Aaaarghhhhh.... ) Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but Fact of the matter is I'm bored !!

So I started looking around and I even got a book on Perl. But then there I see it ... Ruby - a Japanese language by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto. Look up the Wiki for more on this.

I started with THE (free) book from the PPs, but found my self side tracked after 4-5 chapters. I solemnly promise to get back :)

Meanwhile I hit a good link, which so far is making me smile amid all the mess that I am in... Take a look at

Another link is on how to get started on new languages.. i.e. finding something to do that helps learn(R). The next baby-step (R) (Kent Beck - XP Explained) after Hello World, which is a one liner in Ruby. by Dave Thomas

What the .... I just inquired about the "pickaxe book", the 2nd edition of the book. It costs about 1.7K INR. (I might end up buying this anyway.) But am I the only one in this country who is still reading from books, instead of pdfs, htmls and other electronic blobs ???

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