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A list of links that I liked for some reason

Newer links at the top... [Dec 2, 2008] James Carr lists down the usual suspects in TDD land... things you shouldn't do and should spot as soon as possible [Aug 26, 2008] Martin Fowler lays down the law w.r.t. Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection[Feb 22, 2008] Martin Fowler defines mocks, stubs, etc - When is it a mock and not a stub ? [Jan 25, 2008]
Mary Poppendieck speaks at Google Tech Talks on Lean Software development. Nice summary of the underlying principles. [Jul 25, 2007]
This one helps you to format ruby code for blog posts so that it looks pretty! And it's written in ruby. Awesome. [Nov 22, 2005]
This is where i learnt about threading in .NET. Just came back looking for this. So jotting it down. [July 16, 2005]

A very nice paper on how using Mock Objects simplifies testing, improves design and induces the law of Demeter. [Sep 8 2005]Had a real hard time looking for their homepage. [Aug 4, 2005]
This is a nice satire of the neverending incoherent tirade of the Architect in the Matrix; except that the piece is written such that the Architect is Bill Gates and the Matrix is Longhorn.. Vista! [July 20, 2005 12:28PM]

Interesting lil project. This one compares C# and Java w.r.t. what is different. I found that explicit interface implementation is not supported in Java. Notch 1 more to C# then...

This link is a tutorial to using CVS - a source control package.

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