Great Code: Microsoft gets TDD guidelines wrong.

Just read about the whole fiasco from Aniket's blog.
There is no question that the author got it wrong (and got torched).. he has proposed and delivered a speech on his deviation/derivation of TDD. The problem here is the title.. it should have been 'VS.NET 2005 tools for automated testing' not "Guidelines for TDD"
Seconding Ron Jeffries, I too hope that this is not an MS attempt to adopt, contort and pollute the XP stream with IDE-forced/induced deviations from the holy path shown by the "Rev." Kent Beck :) who has led so many like me across the deserts in search of the promised land (where quality code meets mutually accepted deadlines).

2 Books I think a doubter/newcomer should read are
• XP Xplained - Kent Beck
(First AND second editions to know where XP comes from and what it is)
• Extreme Programming Adventures in C# - Ron Jeffries
For a fun, hands-on, fly-on-the-wall look at how to practice XP.

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