XML Comments bug in VS .NET 2003

It seems that no one is using XML Comments generation via the VS.Net 2003 IDE.
Recently I tried getting all projects to generate the Code Comment pages for all projects to a specific folder. I mean, how difficult could that be ?
  1. Get into Project Properties.
  2. Select Configuration Properties in the tree on the left side.
  3. Enter the relative path into the "XML Documentation File" property under the Outputs category.
Bada bing Bada boom.. you're done! Right ? Wrong !
If you try this out, you will see that the IDE is stubborn as a mule with this.
  • You enter a filename like "MyProj.xml" and everything is smooth. You'll get the page allright.
  • Now try something like [..\..\Comments\MyProj.xml] and click Apply. You'll find your setting being unceremoniously dumped by the IDE and reset to the last good value.
  • Tried the forward slash and still the same.
  • Now try the same with the quotes [""..\..\Comments\MyProj.xml"]. You'll find the IDE accepts it this time :o but still won't output the file there. It will give some weird path errors or file creation errors.
  • Next I just plained opened the .csproj file in Notepad and force set the property. Open the project again in IDE, it will again fail citing some inane reason and blank out the property (LGValue).

I spoke to my at-hand ref guru and he said that it might be due to command line issues since the IDE calls csc.exe with the /doc switch to generate these. But then the description for the 'XML Documentation File' property should not have stated 'Path must be relative to the proj directory (/doc)'

In the end I just gave up and downloaded NDoc. Will try to integrate that with my CI Server which is down with the flu. But I bet I can get that setup faster than I can get CodeComments (from the painfully entered XML Comments) via the VS .NET 2003 IDE.

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