Show Me The Money - 2

Iteration Day 1/10
First step we need some version control and a CIS...
the book mentioned a project named DamageControl but that looks like it has closed shop for now. Some more surfing... CIA.. Cerebrus.. CruiseControl.rb aha!
I download the latest cruisecontrolrb-1.2.1.tgz, that along with the Getting Started page
was all that I needed.
I created a rails project on my machine with
  • l:\Gishu\Ruby>rails ShowMeTheMoney
then used Tortoise SVN to import the folder into the repository. You could also do it manually with
  • l:\Gishu\Ruby\ShowMeTheMoney> svn import -m "First Rails App into Version Control" svn://babybox/ShowMeTheMoney/trunk
Next I add a proj to cruisecontrol.rb with
  • D:\cruisecontrolrb-1.2.1>cruise add ShowMeTheMoney --url svn://babybox/ShowMeTheMoney/trunk
and start up the webrick server with
  • D:\cruisecontrolrb-1.2.1>cruise start
Yup that's what it says.. should work.. but didn’t. WWOOTB – won’t work out of the box.
Crazy gem of activesupport won't load.. seems like it wont load the gem version that comes along with cruisecontrol.rb.. Precious time is lost reinstalling various components, trying mailing lists and basically trying to beat the thing into submission.

[Many days later.. inertia is a leech]
And I make the mistake of waiting for cc.rb to be operational. Suddenly one day on my way back from work.. I have a pair of stunning revelations just like that
#1: There is nothing to build like in C#/Java
#2: I only need a CIS to run all the tests and inform me if someone breaks the build. Since I'm the only one working, I just have to watch myself.

I can proceed without cc.rb working right now. Now wiser and 1 day of our iteration time later, I trudge on to start ‘delivering value’.. we gotta start with that sometime soon if we want to be 'agile'.

[Alexey V. spent some time trying to get a handle on this thing.. ruby versions, gem versions, stack traces,... all in vain.]

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